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What are you seeingCOACHES
For 20 years I sat where you are…on the sidelines and in the trenches. So much to do and so little time. Pat Summit said, “You win with people”. It’s about educating, motivating, and mentoring people. I am committed to walking alongside coaches and help find ways to get more out of players, gain competitive advantage, and find sustained success.  Let’s work together and be intentional about the growth you desire for yourself and for your team!

Every psychology book with tell you one of the greatest human needs is to ‘belong’.  That’s why a lot of my work centers on strong team cultures.  Creating an environment of fierce loyalty gives your team a competitive advantage.  Every player being valued as a part of the team’s success results in better individual performance and ownership of the daily grind. He couldn’t be more right.  Let’s work together and be intentional about building your team into a strong community. This is the foundation to sustained success.

Crombeat.color copyATHLETES
Being a great competitor and elite athlete is a daily grind. The expectation of performing at your best day in and day out is not always easy.  We all know that it takes mental toughness as well as physical toughness to be a great athlete.  Let’s work together and keep you at your optimum performance level… mentally sharp, completely confident and ready to compete!

My one word definition of leadership is influence. Every leader I meet, I want to see that they have followers. Your team is only going to grow to the level of your leaders.  Followers rarely surpass them.  Leaders are the “lid” on a team. Let’s work together to develop credible, authentic, and charismatic leaders on your team.

In my life there have been times I needed that extra push from someone that believed in me. I’ve needed a sounding board, someone to keep me accountable and others to help me dig deep within myself and find the real me. These times were both exciting and scary, but finding success at the end of the day is amazing! Let’s work together and help you reach the goals and dreams that have been resonating deep within you!