Other Services

Below are a few other areas Donna can assist you!

College Recruiting
With 13 years of experience at the NCAA Division I Level, Donna assists young athletes in the recruiting process. If you are just starting to be recruited and need advice or just have a few questions, Donna can help you navigate this important time!

Soccer Training (goalkeepers & field players)
Donna has been a soccer coach at all levels for over 20 years. Whether you need to polish up a couple things in your game or you need some intense training, Donna can help you become better!

Camp Consultation
For 14 years Donna was the Associate Camp Director for Central Florida Soccer Academy  in Orlando, Florida. With a background in advertising and graphic design, Donna created a strong brand and built a corporation that operationally was streamlined down to every detail. If you are a college coach that needs help growing your camp, give Donna a call!

• Brand Creation & Management
• Website & Content Management System
• Marketing Plan & Social Media
• Operations
• Administrative (Customer Service/Forms/Accounting)
• Growth (3 year / 5 year plan)
• How to generate additional revenue