Life Coaching for Personal Development
Individual Mentorship Program (Package Rates Available)
One-on-One Coaching Session (1 session)
One-Day Intensive
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Common topics for INDIVIDUALS
• Live with purpose and find confidence
• Discover your personal strengths and values [Legos of Life]
• Navigate challenging times
• Explore new possibilities and set goals for the future
• Character formation and positive attitude
• Become more productive
• Gain perspective
• For more topics and ideas that can help you…visit Leaders and Athletes

Steps we’ll take together
1. Using a personal intake questionnaire I’ll gather information from you that will help us be laser focused on areas of growth.
2. We’ll decide the best way to work together based on your schedule.
3. I’ll provide ideas for immediate action and strategies to move you forward.

4. We’ll decide together on how to be intentional.

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