Athletic Teams, Departments, Organizations, Corporations
One-Day Intensive
Multi-Day Initiative(s)

Championship Package
Leadership Mastermind Program
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Common topics for TEAMS
• Gain competitive advantage by mobilizing a strong team culture
• Discover the vital behaviors and norms that will bring success
• Build collective habits that can become a team philosophy
• Build trust and embrace vulnerability
• Get buy-in and strengthened commitment
• Shape a community of accountability
• Develop social cohesion and deal with conflict resolution
• Create and maintain momentum
• Build an environment of fierce loyalty
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Every team is different. This is because every team has unique individuals. No two teams are identical and therefore what I do is not ‘cookie cutter’. This is about your team and your success.  Resources & knowledge combined with my experiences will be shaped and molded to fit YOUR team’s needs and movement forward.

Steps we’ll take together
1. Using a coaching intake questionnaire and team diagnostic checklist, I’ll gather information from you that will help us be laser focused on areas of growth for your team.
2. We’ll decide the best timing for me to spend time with your team.
3. I’ll provide ideas for immediate action and strategies to move your program forward.
4. We’ll decide together on how to be intentional.

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