Captains, Executives, Directors, Employers
Leader Mentorship Program (4 sessions, 6 sessions, 8 sessions)
Leadership Mastermind Program (multiple sessions with a small group of leaders)
One-on-One Coaching Session (1 session only)
Meetings [in conjunction while working with your TEAM]
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Common topics for LEADERS
• Connecting with people and building relationships
• Empowering others towards high performance and productivity
• Understanding your leadership style
• Managing relationships and facilitating discussions
• Conflict resolution and communication
• Offering constructive criticism and painting reality for teammates
• Becoming more vocal and sharing leadership roles
• Creating momentum and maintaining it
• Working with other leaders and defining roles for teammates
• Holding others accountable
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Being a leader isn’t always easy but it is vital to the success of your team. When  you are intentional about influencing people they will buy-in to your culture and bring positive energy to the pursuit of team goals.

Steps we’ll take together
1. Using a leader intake questionnaire I’ll gather information from you that will help us be laser focused on areas of growth.
2. We’ll decide the best way to work together based on your schedule.
3. I’ll provide ideas for immediate action and strategies to move you forward.
4. We’ll decide together on how to be intentional.

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