Professional, Amateur, College, High School, Youth
Elite Athlete Mentorship Program (All Sports) (Package Rates Available)
Premier Player Training (Soccer)
One-on-One Coaching Session (1 session)
One-Day Intensive (with a larger group of athletes)
Individual Meeting (in conjunction while working with your TEAM)
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Common topics for ATHLETES
• Mental Toughness
• Managing Stress and Anxiety
• Emotions – the good, the bad, & the ugly
• Confidence Levels
• Visualization & Imagery
• Perfectionism & Self-Theories
• Goals & Habits
• Self-Evaluation & Reflection
• Adapting to Change
• Keeping a good attitude in challenging times
• Finding your role on the team
• Leading Yourself and Others
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Every athlete has areas of strength and areas that he or she needs to improve. Sometimes it doesn’t involve technique or tactics.  It has to do with your mind and your heart.  YOU can be great! I will share resources and knowledge that will help you overcome obstacles, find that ‘edge’ and get to the next level.

Steps we’ll take together
1. Using an athlete intake questionnaire I’ll gather information from you that will help us be laser focused on areas of growth.
2. We’ll decide the best way to work together based on your schedule.
3. I’ll provide ideas for immediate action and strategies to move you forward.
4. We’ll decide together on how to be intentional.

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