Are You For Real?

I am a thinker. On long drives I do some of my best thinking. For the holidays I take a month long journey up the East Coast visiting relatives and friends, then finish up the journey by speaking at the 2016 NSCAA Convention.

On December 23rd I drove 12 hours. I spent quite a bit of time thinking about the coaches that will attend my session in Baltimore. You see, I think about you before you come. Some of you I know and some of you I don’t know. Either way, I think about what your year has been like.  What has been meaningful to you?  Are you living on purpose?  Are you fulfilled in life? All these things matter and grow out of who you are at your core.

Then I think about your players. Who are they? What has their life been like before playing for you? What are they “carrying”? What do they need?

We are all “human”. Inside each of us is a human spirit that can achieve great things and be something very special. Coaches and players are ‘people first’. We coach out of who we are on the inside. Players play out of who they are on the inside.  To get the most out of our players we have to connect with that ‘person’ on the inside. Part of coaching is growing people. It is that person, that human spirit inside your player who is loyal. Your favorite passing pattern is not going to be loyal to you. That system you play is not committed to you…PEOPLE have these capacities.  People are brave. People are committed. People are driven. It is the ‘person’ inside the player that makes the difference.

Everything comes from your core…who you are. That’s why it is so important for coaches to look in the mirror, own our story and be authentic about emotions, thoughts, and our humanity in general.  Humanity is hard-wired for connection and it is through connection that each of us finds meaning. We must be authentic in our connection with players. People give more of themselves when they know a leader is being REAL. Isn’t that what we want….to get more out of our players? First, we need to get more out of ourselves.

My topic for the NSCAA convention in Baltimore…

Are You For Real? How Authenticity Guides Players To Greatness.

Coaches, let’s not hide behind our wins & losses or behind our resumes or anything else for that matter. Who you are each day is more important than what you do. Who you are in a training session is more important than the technical drill that you run. Your players want to know the real you. They want the authentic YOU. Your influence is far greater than any passing pattern, drill, system, or free kick play.

Dig into your own story and learn how being authentic in your life can bring out the best in your players. It takes you being brave before expecting your players to be brave.


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