New Set of Plays

Sometimes I feel alone on the football field. The crowd screaming. Unhappy with my performance. Unhappy with the score. I’ve been running the same series of plays for years. Why aren’t they working this year, this game, against this opponent? Timeout. The jog over to my coach is a long one. Maybe he’s seeing something different from his perspective. Maybe someone up in the booth has seen something and will call a new set of plays down. I arrive at the sidelines. Coach says, “hang in there, we are going to win. We just have to go about this another way. They’re throwing some things at us we haven’t seen before so we need to run a new series of plays. Here’s what we need to run.” Coach gives me the next series and pats me on the butt and says “go get’em”. I jog back to the huddle. It’s in my hands now. I can decide to run the plays God has given me or I can choose to do things the way I have done them for game after game after game. I arrive at the huddle, lean over, take a deep breath….what play will I call?
The answer probably lies in where I want to be….the 50 yard line or the endzone.

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